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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

It seems the laundry list of things that need to be done is never ending. It seems Saturday and Sundays are the shortest days of the week. Every March we get to start seeing longer days! This is the time to start getting those around the house lists completed.

As a home inspector deferred maintenance items are normally the items that end up being the most costly on my reports. Why not knock those things out every spring so we can have some peace of mind during the beautiful summers here!

Repair Chipping Paint

With the harsh elements we see near the coast it tends to lead to our exterior paints flaking, peeling and chipping away. These 3 things all lead to exposed untreated wood especially around windows and doors.

Almost every home inspection I run into some sort of wood rot and a lot of the times it comes from not repairing or repainting the exposed areas.

Not only will this tip help protect your trim around windows and doors, it will brighten up your home for a bright and beautiful spring.

Replacing You Air Filter

Even though this item should be on your frequent maintenance schedule (depending on air filter life expectancy) it is not a bad idea to set it as a routine during your spring cleaning.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Did you know that for every one-inch of rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof it will collect 600 gallons of water. Ensuring this amount of water is diverted away from your home and foundation is key to keeping a dry home.

If ladders are not your thing, there are many gutter cleaning companies who can help with this!

Replace Batteries in CO2 and Smoke Detectors

The best way to remember your battery change rotation is every time the clock changes so do your batteries!

Have Your Air Conditioning Serviced

Don't start the much anticipated warmer weather season by sweating inside. Make sure your air conditioning is ready for use.

Most HVAC companies have a yearly maintenance plan you can join to have your equipment serviced twice a year. This will help prolong the life of the equipment and make sure you're prepared for each season.

Moving Appliances To Clean Behind Them

If moving appliances are a hassle and difficult to do at least having this done each spring can save headaches and help prolong the life of the equipment.

Check behind the refrigerator for any moisture, dust or debris.

Pull the dryer vent and clean out any excess dust or debris that may be in the vent on the back of the dryer.

Ceiling Fan Directions

This is a perfect time to make sure your fans are spinning in the proper direction. Check to make sure your fans are spinning in the direction to cool the room!

Clean Siding

Often I see homes with an algae film on the shady areas of homes. Focus on this area and try to remove any dirt and debris from your siding (especially wood siding)

Hiring a power washing company can also be a great way to freshen up the look of your home while prolonging the life of your siding as well.

Caulking In Bathrooms and Kitchens

Check my blog on ridding these areas of moisture. If you notice any damaged or missing caulking around tubs or sinks, spring is a great time to knock these projects out.

Well Done!

This is just a small list of things that should be done to keep your house in tip top shape. If you are unable to do many of these items by yourself, I highly suggest budgeting to have those things done as often as possible.

The cost of repairs to deferred maintenance items will end up being much more than having it done now.

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