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Should I Attend The Home Inspection?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

OBinspeX Encourages Attendance

Some home buyers want to get the most value from the home inspection by attending the entire inspection. We think it is a good idea to attend the inspection at some point during it.

We will set guidelines that we hope the home buyer is ok with at the beginning of the inspection.

  1. Questions/Concerns should be held until we have reached that area of the home or that component.

  2. Distractions or interruptions can do the opposite of trying to get a detailed inspection. We typically have the same process during each inspection and if this process is altered we may overlook or not be as thorough as we are without interruptions.

  3. Home Buyer is not allowed to use our ladder to get into attic spaces or roofs.

  4. Home Buyer does not get close to electrical panels when the covers are removed.

  5. Home Buyer does not access the crawlspace with us during an inspection

These guidelines seem like strict rules, but they are so we can be diligent and thorough during the home inspection.

What's The Best Time To Attend

Towards the end is the best time to arrive at the home inspection.

When the Home Buyers attend the inspection we like to do the following at the end of the inspection.

  1. Do a full home walkthrough with the home buyers.

  2. Point out any interesting or unusual appliances or items in the home that may require some education to operate correctly.

  3. Answer questions about components around the home

  4. Explain things in person which makes it much easier to show the issues with rot or mildew or common maintenance items if you are there in person.

  5. Show Home Buyers where all the shutoffs are in person (we provide micro and macro pictures of the shutoffs if not in person)

  6. We will show you areas of concern for vegetation or water drainage.

  7. Answer all your questions in person of any concerns rather than corresponding over phone when this inspection was performed weeks prior.

What if we do not attend?

We will provide you with all the information you need regardless of attendance.

The way we give you this information is just a little different. We like to do the following things if you are not attending the home inspection.

  1. Provide videos on the report that show specifics to certain observations during the inspection.

  2. We fill the report with tons of images for you to get a good feel of the entire view (including aerial shots of the property when we can)

  3. Thermal Imaging pictures of your HVAC system showing temperatures and any ductwork that is visible

  4. Many roof pictures from on top of it and also aerial shots.

  5. Attic Views (Multiple)

  6. Crawlspace Views (Multiple)

  7. Pictures of appliances

  8. Pictures of HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical components and data tags when visible.


Attending the inspection when possible is highly recommended so you get the detailed (fresh in my mind) version during the inspection. When home buyers do not attend the inspection they get the same information I provide to home buyers that are attending the inspection, but sometimes it is explained in more layman terms if in attendance.

Saves the confusion or questions about certain observations during the inspection if I can show you in person what I am looking at and what I recommend.

Regardless of attendance we will be providing you with a very detailed and thorough inspection that will make you feel like you were right there with us.

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