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Simple Tip To Save Big On Heating and Cooling Your Home

Windows and doors are thought of when it comes to losing energy. What if I told you your windows and doors may be doing their job, but you forgot about another opening in your home?

The attic scuttle hole (access) or that little square/rectangular door in a random hallway of your home can cause quite a bit of energy loss as well. A well insulated attic can help save BIG on heating and cooling costs. The attic door is another component of that well insulated attic and should be treated just the same.

Without properly sealing and insulating the attic access door you will still radiate heat in the summer and let your warm indoor air out during the winter.

By simply adding a weather stripping around the opening and adhering a batt of R-30 or even foamboard to the backside of the cover you will be only helping your energy costs!

For a cheap DIY check out these links.

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